Internet Services and Security

ICS offers a variety of internet services and security options. We can design and host your company Web site and email AND provide you with secure options for your internal network. Our professionals can design your secure network and are trained to both install and support all of your internal network security.

ICS Webmail

ICS can provide all email customers with email access directly through the internet without a need for an installed email client. This is beneficial to clients on the road or needing to access their mail from home. Call ICS toll free at 800-999-3804 for more information.

Internet Employee Monitoring Software

Websense is a server software that allows you to monitor, report and manage traffic from your internal networks to the Internet. You also have the ability to block any site that you do not wish your employees to visit via company resources. Learn more...

Website Hosting & Development

ICS can design your company Web site. As an option we can design an interactive site which will allow you to keep your Web site up-to-date. ICS can also host your Web site and company email. The server is capable of processing PERL, PHP and MySQL applications. Also available with all hosting plans is free access to site statistics.

Antivirus Software

ICS offers Trend Micro anti-virus products. Trend Micro is the most respected name in the industry. The virus protection software can be used to protect your network. The products offered provide every level of protection, from one PC to your entire network. Software patches are normally available within 24 hours of a new virus attack.
Learn more...

PHP on the System i

ICS can help you benefit from the power of PHP on the System i. Learn more...

ICS is a certified
IBM business

ICS is a Digium Registered Reseller