ICS DIST Software

Distribution / Accounting Software for the IBM System i

ICS DIST is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that will give users an automated tool to assist in their day-to-day business operations. This customizable software can handle all your business process management needs. As a result, you have an updated financial statement with the ability to "drill down" to detail transactions.

The system begins with an easy setup in which the user defines the parameters for his / her specific business. Modifications can later be made as business needs change.

From the beginning of a parts or service order, the system will allow the user a complete, updated view of all parts used or labor performed. An important aspect of parts and service business is to keep track of cores and ICS DIST makes core reporting easy.

Accounts Payable (top of page)
  • Open items
  • Immediate, batch, and manual checks
  • Wire Transfers
  • Inquiries by vendor, check, distribution period, G/L account
  • Check reconciliation
  • Ability to void and reissue checks
  • Interface to G/L
  • Cash requirements
  • Security for specific vendors
  • Interfaced to purchase orders
Accounts Receivable (top of page)
  • Open item
  • Finance charges
  • Detail
  • Credit history
  • Mailing selection and label printing
  • Past-due inquiry and reporting
  • Interface to G/L
  • Automatic application of payments / deposits
  • Ability to make adjustments directly to G/L
  • Special reporting for receivables management
  • Credit approvals
General Ledger / Financial (top of page)
  • Financial statement printing for both current and prior periods
  • Account inquiry for current and prior year, gross profit percentages, and detail transactions
  • Standard re-occurring entries
  • Automated entries from all other applications
  • Ability to view detail of entries from various applications through G/L inquiry
  • Ability to schedule ANY account
  • Updated daily
Internal Billing / Bill of Material (top of page)
  • Bill of material by specification number
  • Inspection checklist
  • Interface to order entry, product invoicing
  • Forecasting of parts requirements by specification number
Inventory Control / Management (top of page)
  • Complete transaction history
  • Recommended orders and transfer of overstock to understock locations for both stock and emergency orders
  • Customer back-orders and back-order allocation
  • User defined order methods
  • Multiple costing methods
  • Purchase / costing history
  • Automatic allocation to back-orders at receipt time
  • Tracking of core charges and dirty cores
Order Entry / Invoicing / Sales History (top of page)
  • Product order invoicing processing
  • Sales history inquiries
  • Both batch and immediate invoicing
  • Core charge reporting and core credit history
  • Warranty claims processing
  • Ability to regenerate invoices from history
  • Quotations
  • Pricing control by customer, product, item
  • Sales analysis reports
  • History on repairs by unit number
Time Reporting (top of page)
  • Interfaced to payroll, order entry, job costing
  • Provides detail of all work performed by production employees by job number, labor operation, etc.
  • User-defined overtime methods
  • Bar code interface
Preventative Maintenance System (top of page)
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple schedules
  • User defined parts & labor markup
  • Work orders opened automatically based on schedule
  • Allows for additional and emergency service
  • Requisitions by vendor
  • Planned service inspection reports
System Control (top of page)
  • User specified history retention
  • File driven codes for cost distribution, taxes, products, and pricing
  • Multiple level user security
  • Multiple branches, departments
(Customizable) Detroit Diesel / Allison Functions (top of page)
  • Special functions for transmitting, receiving, and reporting on parts orders, warranty claims, credit statements, financial data, functional compensation, dealer warranty claims and credits, parts surplus, pricing supersessions, and product order status

Help text is available at both menu and interactive program level.

Throughout the system the user will see a file-driven atmosphere, real-time updating, and integration between and across applications.

Tech Support: 24 hours, 7 days a week Installation and data conversion services

ICS DIST is available for the IBM System i. Pricing is determined by the applications purchased.

ICS is a certified
IBM business

ICS is a Digium Registered Reseller