Websense Employee Monitoring

Internet Monitoring
ICS has partnered with Websense to offer you the most flexible Employee Internet Management Software available. You can boost your company's efficiency by eliminating any unnecessary employee internet surfing.

Websense is a server software that allows you to monitor, report and manage traffic from your internal networks to the Internet. You also have the ability to block any site that you do not wish your employees to visit via company resources. Reducing your employees access to surf the Web may eliminate the need to increase your company bandwidth, thus saving your company money.

The latest version of Websense allows your system administrator to allow access to otherwise forbidden sites either at lunch or during non-work hours. You can also restrict access based on individuals and/or groups. The Websense Reporter allows you to compile a report of all Web sites viewed by your employees.

The Websense Master Database is updated with new Web sites daily. The system can be set-up to update at a time of your choosing.

Network Integration
Websense operates on a variety of systems. Websense can be used in conjuction with the products listed below:

Cache Products
  • Cisco Cache Engine and Cisco Content Engine
  • Cache Flow
  • Inktomi Traffic Server
  • Network Appliance NetCache

  • Check Point Firewall-1
  • Cisco Systems PIX Firewall
  • CyberGuard Firewall
  • GTA GNAT Box
  • Internet Dynamics Conclav
  • NetScreen
  • Netopia, Windows NT
  • SLM SecurIT Firewall

Proxy Servers
  • Microsoft Proxy Server
  • Microsoft Proxy Server (Japan)
  • Netscape Proxy Server
  • Websense Proxy Server

Internet Appliances
  • Content Technologies MIMEsweeper

Websense Reporter

Websense Master Database

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