OfficeScan™ Corporate Edition

OfficeScan™ provides centrally-managed virus protection for the corporate desktop. With OfficeScan™ you no longer have to rely on each employee to update his/her computer virus protection or be concerned that a users may disable the virus protection on their system. Your system administrator can set and enforce antivirus policy for the entire organization frome one central location.

Key Benefits
•  Easy and customizable deployment of virus protection to networked computers.
•  Automatic update of virus patterns and software patches.
•  Central Management of desktop virus protection.
•  Real-time reporting of company-wide virus incidents are reported to the central management console.
•  Remote user support - laptop updates are made and incident logs are reported to server when connected.
•  Real-time locking of client configuration.

•  Windows NT with IIS
•  Novell NetWare

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